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Ke For Cash Features

See What Features In Our System And What You Can Benefit From!

Shortlink System

With Our Shortlink System, Earn Crypto By Passing A Shortlink Every 24 Hours And Get Paid Instantly.

Faucet System

With Our Faucet System, Earn Crypto You Can Claim Faucet As Much As The Rights You Earn And Get Paid Instantly.

Paid To Click System

With Our Paid To Click System, Earn Crypto You Can Watch Paid To Click Ads And Get Paid Instantly.

Offerwall System

With Our Offerwall System, Earn Crypto You Can Complete Offerwall & Surveys And Get Paid Instantly.

Event System

With Our Event System, Earn Crypto You Can Participate In Some Days And Weekly Events And Get Paid Instantly By Entering The Ranking.

Payment Methods

With Our Different Payment Systems, You Can Get Instant Payment From Some Earnings And Withdraw Your Remaining Balance To Your Wallet With Our Balance System.

Currencies Support

Ke For Cash Cryptos

Tron - Faucetpay
Tron - Faucetpay
Litecoin - Faucetpay
Litecoin - Faucetpay
Tether - Faucetpay
Tether - Faucetpay
Bitcoin - Faucetpay
Bitcoin - Faucetpay
Ripple - Faucetpay
Ripple - Faucetpay


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With Our Multiple Account Capture System, If You Are Found To Have Opened Multiple Account, You Will Be Banned From The System Immediately.

Thanks To Our Reference System, You Can Earn 20% From The Earnings Of Each User You Bring.

With Our Proxy, Vpn And Bot Blocking System, You Will Be Banned From The System With Instant Detection.

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